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2020 Kitchen Design Trends We’re Watching

The kitchen really is the crowd-pleaser, and if we’re being honest, we love a good kitchen as much as you do. Truth? It’s where everything happens in the home. So what 2020 kitchen design trends are we watching? How about unexpected shapes, (can you say round kitchen islands?), natural materials (it’s ok to mix them up!), and rich, bright tones (color is back!). Read on for a few of our favorite kitchen design trends heating things up in 2020.

Unique Shapes

The more unexpected the better when it comes to the 2020 kitchen. Curved or rounded kitchen islands (no hard edges and the wow factor is off the charts), oval-shaped window cut-outs in between rooms, thinking outside the box so to speak when it comes to cabinet design, and even playing with backsplash shapes are all ways you can get creative and apply this trend.

Naturally Hip

Natural materials are everywhere in 2020, and designers aren’t afraid to mix things up. Marble backsplashes with bamboo cabinets and tumbled stone floors are a perfect example of mixing styles and materials to create a memorable room. Brick and stone is also making a big comeback when it comes to backsplashes.

Double Islands

Anything that expands a kitchen’s function and maintains traffic flow while looking amazing, is a good trend in our book. Double islands in the kitchen can do just that, and it also a convenient way to divide the area between meal preparation and serving or gathering. Include a sink area on the island and not one, but two dishwashers to make clean up easy and quick.

Pops Of Color

While we love an all-white kitchen, we are definitely seeing color make a comeback this year. Try using it in unexpected places like appliances and hoods; it’s a fun way to incorporate color and make a regular appliance feel special. A backsplash is another way to add a pop of color into a kitchen design. Use bold tiles in the year’s most popular colors (think blues, aquas, and greens) to make an impact.

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