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Two Story Home

This elegant two story house features ample opportunity to tailor your space to exactly your preferences. The plan includes a spacious M Suite and M Spa, with two luxurious walk-in closets and a spacious tub. The home also features an open gathering room, dining room, and kitchen area, as well as a three car garage and Generations option.

2,700 Sq. Ft. • Two Story • 3-5 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • 3 Car Garage


Elegant Design Suited To Your Taste

PH-Montelena_Elan 2-Delta


This elevation is a farm home styled after the welcoming homes of the Sacramento River Delta area.

PH-Montelena_Elan 2-Ranch


Styled after the Sacramento region’s classic 1900’s ranch homes, characterized by low-pitched roofs and horizontal material design.

PH-Montelena_Elan 2-Modern


This elevation features a modern design that is clean and colorful, with minimal details to create a striking impression.


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