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Working From Home Has Many Considering a Move to the Suburbs

A study was just released by Zillow offering an interesting take on how the coronavirus pandemic and working from home are impacting current potential homebuyer decisions. According to the article, more Americans are considering new home options that are farther away from their workplace …especially if that means they can continue to work from home. Some key takeaways from the study include:

  • 75% of Americans working from home due to COVID-19 say they would prefer to continue that at least half the time, even after their workplace reopens.
  • Of those employees…66% say they would consider moving to the suburbs if they had the flexibility to work from home as often as they want.
  • 24% said social distancing recommendations might also drive a desire to move.

Working from home is also prompting many Americans to reconsider the functionality and size of their home. In fact, 31% said they have considered moving to a home with a dedicated office space. When you consider that about 70% of those that live in more dense urban areas such as San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego don’t even have a spare bedroom, it makes sense that families might want to save some money while gaining more dedicated space by making a move to the suburbs. Read the full article from Zillow here.