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Single or Two-Story: Which Home is Right For You?

There are many things to consider when buying a new home, from location to design, it’s important to take time to consider it all when making the biggest purchase of your life. One of the first things you should decide is if you are looking for a new home that is a single or a two-story layout. The reality is the decision is a little more complicated than you might think and goes beyond just design or lifestyle choices. The number of floors can also affect your utilities, the resale value of your home, and more. So if you are in the market for a new home and wondering if a single-story or two-story design is right for you, here are a few pros and cons of each.

Single-Story Living: Pros + Cons

Life on the same level can bring many positives to you and your family, especially when considering an open floorplan with plenty of space. Some pros and cons of purchasing a single-story home include:

  • PRO: Never having to drag things up and down stairs all day long.
  • PRO: Single-story designs mean a more open, sprawling floor plan.
  • PRO: Can be safer for children and elderly: no stairs = no falls or injuries.
  • PRO: Single-story homes can be easier to maintain in the long run because it’s all on one level.
  • CON: Less privacy since all the bedrooms are on the same level.
  • CON: Smaller yard size. Single-story homes take up a bigger area on your lot which could lead to a smaller yard.
  • CON: Added noise since all bedrooms are on the street level.

Two-Story Living: Pros + Cons

If you are leaning towards a two-story home, your options for multi-level living can be beneficial for you especially if you have a growing family. Some pros and cons of purchasing a two-story home include:

  • PRO: More privacy as your common areas and bedrooms offer built-in separation.
  • PRO: Privacy and safety. Since bedrooms are typically on the second-story, you don’t have to worry about passers-by peering through bedroom windows or potential break-ins.
  • PRO: Larger yard size creating opportunities for indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • PRO: Potential views: a second-story can mean beautiful views in picturesque areas.
  • CON: Stairs: constantly climbing stairs can be exhausting and cause injuries for children or seniors. Look for a home with an upstairs laundry room to make life easier.
  • CON: Can be harder to heat or cool if you don’t have a dual-zone system.
  • CON: Added noise if not designed well…you definitely want to make sure you can’t hear people walking around upstairs when you are downstairs.

Ultimately, what you choose is all about what is right for you, your family, and your future. From a cost perspective, you won’t really spend more or less on either type of home. From a resale perspective, two-story homes tend to be more popular so they might have a slight edge. No matter what your choice, weigh the pros and cons, and in the end enjoy the biggest investment you’ll ever make—a beautiful new home.