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Refresh + Renew Your Home With House Plants

You might be surprised at the number of health benefits there are to having house plants around your home. From improving air quality, lowering blood pressure, and boosting your mood, plants can have a positive effect. And when you also consider they can do amazing things for the aesthetic of your home, you’ll understand why the best designers use real house plants to accentuate rooms and create just the right vibe. So when you are ready to refresh and renew your home, think green, don’t forget to consider the pot, and get ready to use house plants to decorate like a pro.

Design Forward

Designing with plants (and pots too) starts with looking at the interior design of your home. Your goal? Craft and curate a space that is comfortable and works for your family. When you really take a look at your home, you’ll start to notice all the ways you are already bringing small nods to nature inside. From wood furniture to textured baskets, pillows, and lighting, it starts to become clear where plants fit into the picture. It’s important to remember that it’s not an issue of deciding if, but more of where plants best fit into your home.

Plants bring many advantages when you consider them as decor accessories including color, textures, height and width. From being small enough to be used as an accent on a small piece of furniture to full trees that require space of their own, plants can help create beautiful memory points in your home.

Design Ideas

Say Hello

Think of your entry as a place to set up your own green welcoming committee by clustering a group of plants in your entryway. Use various sizes to create a focal point. We love larger leaf plans such as Elephant’s Ear, then snake plants and ferns to complete the look. Vary your pot sizes, styles, and textures for interest, yet keep color schemes complementary.

Look Up

Hanging house plants from the ceiling is a great way to create some interest in the room. Replace wall art with hanging plants for a fresh spin on your space. We love a cluster of two hanging plants above the bathtub, a mixture of hanging plants on your covered patio to break up some of that concrete, the use of a unique plant stand in the corner of a sitting room to add natural texture, and color or hang four plants in similar pots above your dresser instead of a mirror or painting.

Make Your Home Succulent

If caring for plants makes you nervous, start with succulents and cacti. Low maintenance yet beautiful, keeping them healthy and thriving is a bit easier. They need only a little bit of water and sunlight and when grouped together on a window sill or accent table can make quite an interesting look aesthetically. Ideal with a more modern interior design approach, succulents look amazing in all types of creative pots and planters. Use cacti to bring height and texture to your succulent display.

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