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6 Things You Can Do as a Family While Staying Home

Running out of ideas to keep the family entertained during the coronavirus quarantine? Well, you’re not alone in feeling bored at home. The reality is at this point self-quarantine is probably making the kids stir-crazy, parents and kids are trying to WFH and home school in peace, and there really is only so much Netflix we can watch right? Well if you are looking for some new ideas, check out these six things you can do as a family while being stuck at home.

  1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt: What we love about this idea is it’s fun for all ages and is a way to engage your neighbors (from a safe distance of course), explore your community and get some exercise all while practicing social distancing.
  2. Tour a Museum: Did you know many of the world’s most famous museums offer virtual tours? From the Guggenheim in New York to the Van Gogh in Amsterdam, many of the world’s most amazing museums and galleries are making sure you can get a little culture while staying home.
  3. Visit a National Park: Virtually that is. Just like many famous museums, you can also take a virtual tour of our national parks. It’s easy for the entire family to get their fill of the great outdoors while staying inside, and it might even inspire you to plan a family trip for later in the year.
  4. Learn Something New: Now is the perfect time to get creative and learn something new such as photography, painting, or video editing. You’ve got the time, so why not do that one thing you’ve always wanted to learn? From online classes to YouTube, it’s easier than you think to seize the day!
  5. Connect With Those You Love: From FaceTime to Zoom, people are getting creative in connecting with the rest of their family members virtually. There are many ways you can have a great time remotely such as game nights, movie nights, happy hours, book club get-togethers, and even karaoke!
  6. Cook Together: Let’s face it, the shopping and food struggle is real. How much pasta and rice can you eat anyway? If you are looking for some new ideas for meals that your family will love, now is a great time to experiment all while cooking together as a family. Many celebrity chefs are sharing ideas on social media and via their websites. Now is a great time to find relevant recipes, cooking hacks, shopping lists, proper techniques, and food storage ideas.