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2021 Interior Design Trends We’re Watching

There’s something about a new year—a fresh start that inspires change. And as our homes continue to take center stage during the pandemic, the idea of bringing personal joy and creating spaces you love is more important than ever. So if you are ready to make some updates to your home, why not take a look at what’s trending in 2021?

2021 Interior design trends are definitely shaking things up a bit, with a focus on “what was old is new again.” In 2021 look for a return of wallpaper, rattan furniture, something called “granny chic,” and colors such as yellow and grey. Translation? Color, texture, cottage core, and “rustic vogue” are going to be everywhere. So if you are ready for a brighter 2021 (literally), take a look at this article from Homes & Gardens and get a sneak peek of some 2021 interior design trends we’re watching.

2021 Interior Design Trends