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2021 Design Trends: Colors We Are Obsessing Over Right Now

You might say inspired is our middle name. As a new home builder with a customized approach, we are always looking for what’s fresh, imaginative, and trending when it comes to designing the space you will ultimately call home. Truth? Making a memorable mark on new home interior design is really more of an obsession for us. At the heart of our inspiration? Color.

Using color in design easily yet powerfully sets a mood, makes a statement, and brings a home to life. So wondering what colors are making a splash in 2021 interior design trends? Here are a few of the colors we can’t live without right now straight from our team of interior design experts and Home + Gardens.

Current Faves: Desert Inspired

Think soft terracotta and blush pink paired with greens and pale yellows. As we spend more and more time at home, color trends in interior design are shifting to soft hues that create warm, inviting settings—comforting shades with bright pops of color and texture. These soft colors bring a casual elegance and create a home where you can relax, recharge and feel comfortable. Add in some pops of uplifting and bright colors (Pantone’s 2021 Color of the Year for example) and some texture forward Art Deco-inspired furniture with rattan caning and it’s easy to create a home with unified and rejuvenating colors and retro influences. Here’s what we love about these colors:

  • Terracotta: Timeless yet bold, terracotta hues are a great way to bring rich colors to your home that are designed to brighten your mood. This color is comforting as well thanks to its hints of 1970s nostalgia.
  • Blush Pink: Inviting and easy to decorate with, pink has become the new neutral. With today’s pink, the earthier the better to help make it easy to pair with other colors. Inspired by creating a flawless natural look, when you get it right this is a color that will present your home (and you) in the best possible light.
  • Soft Greens + Yellows: Both colors pair well with terracotta and blush pink, and help create a connection to nature. Calming and rejuvenating, they connect the dots between that sense of renewal and those memories of home that people are simultaneously craving.